The Meaning of Information in TiDB Dashboard

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Original topic: tidb dashboard中信息含义

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] 6.5.10
[Encountered Problem: Phenomenon and Impact]
Beginner’s question: In the overview information of the TiDB dashboard, what does the tikv read 1GiBs shown under IO usage mean?
When I use iotop to check disk read and write, they are very small, just a few hundred K or a few M. Why does it show so much here?
Based on this read and write volume, what IOPS should I use for the disk? What is the appropriate throughput?
Is high latency positively correlated with IO usage?

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See if this helps you:
UI - TiDB Dashboard - “TiDB v8.1 Chinese Documentation” - BookStack

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The documentation here is too outdated. It’s completely different now.