The Merchandise I Have Collected Over the Years

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Original topic: 那些年我获得过的周边

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Celebrating the opening of the “Daily Merchandise Showcase” channel, here’s a grand opening post!!!

Regarding TiDB merchandise, let’s cut to the chase and show the pictures directly:


I just want to say there are also some cups and other items not pictured. Actually, I want to ask, who else? Let’s get rolling~~~~ Show off your collections~~~

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Brother Lei, you’re stirring up trouble, hahaha.

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The headphones seem pretty good. Maybe you could consider opening a Taobao store, haha.

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Low profile, low profile.

| username: 代晓磊_Mars | Original post link

Many have been given away~~~ The whole company is promoting PingCAP products~~

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A lot of rare items :+1:

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Newcomer expresses envy.

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Truly a god forever, I’m so envious.

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Don’t ask, just envy.

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Envy the expert~

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I received 1000000000000000000000000000+ damage.

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Awesome! :+1:

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I only have this one package~~~ I can’t roll it up~~~

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What a beautiful cousin~

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Left envious drool.

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Shedding tears of poverty.

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This is too exaggerated, basically took everything, envious.

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That’s too awesome, it makes people want to hit you. You’ve basically got the whole set.

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People are more dazzling than the bag, the bag is no longer important. Haha