The query results of the LIKE operation are incorrect in TiDB version 5.4

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Original topic: tidb5.4版本like查询数据结果不对

| username: luqiuhua

TiDB version 5.4.0 / 5.4.2

SQL query using LIKE with one character ‘阿%’ returns no results, but using LIKE with two characters ‘阿莫%’ displays results normally.

Image [Image]

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Is this a bug?

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Does it mean that the result from 5.4.0 is correct, and the result from 5.4.2 is incorrect?

| username: luqiuhua | Original post link

No, it’s not. None of the 5.4.X versions are working properly.

| username: luqiuhua | Original post link

To add, I tried searching with ‘阿%’ and ‘阿莫%’ and the former also couldn’t retrieve results.

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See if the situation is similar to this post.

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Could you show the table structure definition (including collation)?

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Version 6.1 tested successfully

| username: songxuecheng | Original post link

  1. show create table xxx; Please share the table structure.
  2. show global variables like ‘%coll%’; Please check.
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In version 5.7.25-TiDB-v5.4.0, setting the table character set to utf8 and collation to utf8_general_ci did not result in any anomalies.

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It is most likely due to character set issues. You can check out this document:

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Tested in version 5.4.0, it is indeed the case. Marking it down.

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