The Relationship Between Region Distribution and the Number of TiFlash Nodes

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Original topic: region分布与tiflash节点数的关系

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May I ask if the number of replicas set by set tiflash replica is the same as the number of TiFlash nodes, will the same region appear on each TiFlash node?

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Yes, generally speaking, two copies are sufficient for redundancy.

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Okay, thank you, expert.

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Let me ask further, if set tiflash replica to 3, what will happen when the tiflash nodes become 2? Will the region of the other node be directly lost, or is there another handling method?

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Are there any other ways to handle this? What effect do you want to achieve with this problem? The replicas have all been manually set to 2, won’t the extra replicas be removed?

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For example, the missing copy will be backed up twice on the currently active TiFlash nodes, just to confirm if there is any follow-up processing. Of course, in practice, this kind of processing is not really necessary. :joy:

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It’s just one replica. If it goes down, you definitely won’t see it, but once it’s back up, it will be fine. Even if it doesn’t come back up, it’s not a problem and won’t affect anything in the cluster.

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