The specified time for DM web UI startup does not match the actual rollback time

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Original topic: DM web ui启动指定时间和实际回溯的时间不符合

| username: TiDBer_hwEZA4rV

The DM web task was scheduled to start at 14:00, but it was found that the binlog was traced back to 8 hours earlier… Was the time zone conversion not done properly, or was it not configured…?

| username: xiaohetao | Original post link

Set the time zone.

| username: buchuitoudegou | Original post link

It seems to be a time zone issue. Could you provide a flowchart of the specific operations? Maybe we can optimize the task startup process in the future.

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Is it resolved?

| username: 大鱼海棠 | Original post link

Manually specify the time zone.
By the way, check if the upstream and downstream time zones are consistent.