The third essay contest is coming soon. What article topics do you hope to see in this essay contest? What articles do you most want to see?

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Original topic: 马上就第三届征文大赛了,大家有什么文章主题希望能够在这次征文大赛上出现吗? 说说你最想要看到哪些文章?

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The third essay contest is coming soon. Does anyone have any article topics they hope to see in this contest? What articles would you most like to see?

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Reducing SSD TiKV storage costs, such as storing cold data in low-cost object storage. In the future, databases based on object storage should become more prevalent (due to the high demand for cost reduction and efficiency improvement :rofl:).

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Object storage TiFlash has already been used, but the effect is average. Can we first use placement rules to move cold data to mechanical disks? Mechanical disks are already cheap enough…

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Examples of localization transformation, various database migration cases.
Examples of pitfalls encountered.

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Then let’s discuss how to use TiDB to reduce costs and increase efficiency!

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Got it, documenting this. The topic of domestic transformation is good.

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For TiDB cold data, we are already using SAS mechanical disks, but the reliability of mechanical disks is not very high. We have already maintained and replaced the disks several times, and mechanical disks are basically only available in self-built IDCs. Object storage has better reliability and compatibility.

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Are there any new developments with TiDB + AI? Wasn’t there a ChatSQL project before? Any updates on that?

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A comprehensive operations guide

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Scenarios of TiDB + AI and TiDB’s vectorization plugin.

Saw this :eyes:

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+1 Don’t make it complicated, first ensure the cluster stability and ease of maintenance.

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It must be localized. Recently, the call for localization has been very strong.

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The advantages and disadvantages of TiDB database compared to other domestic databases

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Stability and reliability are the core elements of a database system. Consider how to use TiDB to build an efficient and stable architecture system to maximize business efficiency.

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Classic production architecture

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Common Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting in Practice

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Especially if the server uses an Arm CPU or a Huawei CPU instance. Hygon and Zhaoxin are both x86 architectures, so migration should be relatively easy.

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How should new users get started?

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The impact of TiDB on the future career planning of DBAs