There is a data incremental synchronization requirement

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Original topic: 有个数据增量同步需求

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Currently, there is a requirement to synchronize two tables in real-time to a certain interface, with the requirement to only synchronize newly added data.

The development plan is to add a unique auto-increment ID column to the table and use a program to determine and fetch the incremental ID values for synchronization.

I am considering using TiCDC to Kafka, and then synchronizing to the interface. Is this feasible?

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Feasible, write a consumer program to read data from Kafka, which contains both DDL and DML types, and use them as needed for greater flexibility.

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No need to synchronize DDL, just add new data.

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You can filter out DDL on the consumer side. You can refer to the message format of the event:

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ticdc+kafka is very suitable for handling this.

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TiCDC is a good choice.

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