This Year's "Question Answering TiDBer" and "Solution Providing TiDBer" Heatmap Sharing

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Original topic: 本年度的【回复问题 TiDBer】【解决方案的 TiDBer】热力图分享

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In 2022, 452 friends helped others solve technical problems.

In 2022, 1587 friends provided ideas for solving technical problems for others.

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In both categories, only that beautiful lady and I are at the bottom~ :wink:

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This is so pretentious :joy:

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I found that my name is so difficult. :joy:

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Contribute more, and it will be easy to find :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

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“Hahahahahaha, I specifically went to take a look.”

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Working hard to contribute~~~

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Keep up the good work~~