TiCDC can only synchronize incremental data to Kafka. How should the previous full data be handled?

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Original topic: TiCDC只能同步增量数据到kafka。。之前的全量数据该如何处理

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TiCDC can only synchronize incremental data to Kafka. How should the previous full data be handled?

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Wouldn’t it be better to use tools like Dumpling to export the data in CSV format for downstream?

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Is there an existing tool for downstream heterogeneous databases (ES) without R&D participation and without developing tools?

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If there aren’t many tables, you can try using DataX.

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Export, import, and then record the TS.

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Exporting dumpling to CSV, just refer to this article.

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There are quite a few data synchronization tools that support heterogeneous environments.

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Use BR or Dumpling for full export and import.

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DataX is pretty good.

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Use BR for full import.

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If it’s isomorphic, you can consider using CloudCanal.

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It seems like you want to do heterogeneous migration and replace TiDB :rofl:

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Kafka cannot replace TiDB. If you are switching to another database, you don’t need Kafka as an intermediary.

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Use dumpling or other tools to initialize the data.

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First, perform a full export to the target database, then use CDC for incremental updates.

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CC or DataX

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You can consider using DataX. I have done historical data migration for enterprise-level databases. For TiDB, you can use DataX’s MySQL plugin, as TiDB supports MySQL statements.

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Use BR for full backup, and there will be a backup timestamp during the backup. Then, when creating the CDC synchronization task, specify this timestamp as the start-ts to continue data synchronization from the time of the full backup.

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It mainly depends on the amount of data. If the data volume is small, you can also update a specific field, such as the update time, to trigger data synchronization.

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BR, etc.