TiCDC connection to Kafka error persists after upgrade

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Original topic: ticdc链接kafka报错,升级后报错依然存在

| username: TiDBer_DVnkdzKV

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Production
【TiDB Version】tidb 6.2 cdc v6.2.0
【Encountered Problem】ticdc connection to Kafka error
【Reproduction Path】tiup cdc cli changefeed create --sink-uri=‘kafka://’ --changefeed-id=“replication-task-2” --server=
【Problem Phenomenon and Impact】
Error: [CDC:ErrKafkaNewSaramaProducer]new sarama producer: dial tcp: lookup VM-0-9-centos on no such host

| username: TiDBer_DVnkdzKV | Original post link

The reason has been found: the Kafka version was passed incorrectly.

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