TiCDC Unable to Capture Data After Renaming Table

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Original topic: ticdc 重命名表采集不到数据

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Production\Test Environment\POC
【TiDB Version】
【Encountered Problem】
After starting ticdc and applying the filter rule test_yafei.test4*, renaming the table test3 to test4 and writing data into test4, ticdc does not collect the data.

【Reproduction Path】What operations were performed that led to the problem
【Problem Phenomenon and Impact】

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Did he reconfigure the table mapping, and then the new table after renaming doesn’t replicate data?

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CDC captures changelog based on table_id, and filters according to the filtering rules when synchronizing downstream. Since test3 was not originally synchronized, its changelog will not be captured. In future versions, changing a non-filtered table name to a filtered table name will result in an error.

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