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Welcome to the TiDB Community Forum!

We are delighted to have you join, share, and contribute to the TiDB community. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you get familiar with the TiDB community and use the TiDB community forum.

Basic Principles

  • We encourage mutual assistance and interaction, but please maintain friendly communication, avoid personal attacks, respect every member of the community, and try to provide reasonable responses to persuade others when discussing issues. Do not escalate conflicts.

  • Please use usernames, avatars, personal profiles, and signatures properly. Do not impersonate PingCAP officials, and avoid using names, avatars, and content that may cause confusion.

  • Search before asking questions. Before posting for help, please search to avoid off-topic, cross-posting, and duplicate posts.

  • Comply with laws and regulations, avoid religious, political, or other inappropriate remarks, and prohibit phishing, spamming, harassment, or spreading rumors.

  • Avoid spamming, advertising, and flooding, which are behaviors disliked by TiDB community members.

Topics for Discussion?

When you are learning, testing, researching, developing, or using TiDB products in other ways, or using some standalone components of TiDB, such as TiKV, you may encounter some issues. In AskTUG’s categories, there are some category introductions and descriptions. If you are unsure where to post a topic, please choose the category you think is most appropriate. Some common issues include:

If you want to discuss other issues besides technical ones, we also have some categories to help you communicate and build relationships with other community members, such as:

Is this an official support forum?

No, the TiDB community is a sharing and learning platform established by developers, users, contributors, and partners in the TiDB ecosystem. Here, we can freely voice our opinions and help each other solve problems.

AskTUG is a mutual help forum for all members of the TiDB community to discuss and collaborate. A small number of TiDB team members are also active on the forum, but this is entirely out of their love for the TiDB community and their willingness to visit the community in their spare time to provide help. The Q&A forum does not offer any commercial service support or response guarantees. For more specific professional knowledge or questions raised on weekends or holidays, some patience may be required.

If you have urgent production issues or are looking for 24x7 commercial support, you may need to consider TiDB Commercial Support.

What should I pay attention to when seeking help?

[Before Asking] Encountering a Problem, Search First

The TiDB community product team has specially customized a search platform for community partners.

The search scope covers official documents, blogs, AskTUG questions, columns, etc. 80% of technical issues can be answered here.

[When Asking] Provide Detailed Questions and Comprehensive Background Information

Please indicate that you have made the above efforts; this will help establish that you are not a freeloader wasting others’ time. Asking questions or initiating related technical topic discussions in the community is encouraged, but asking questions is also an art that requires the questioner to grasp well.

When describing the problem, please follow: [TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment / Test / Poc [TiDB Version] [Problem Phenomenon and Impact] [Reproduction Path] Operations performed that caused the problem [Resource Configuration] description, and provide as much effective background information as possible. Many issues may have different suggestions under different scenarios and businesses. Not explaining clearly will only make it difficult for others to help.

[After Asking] If My Topic is Resolved, What Should I Do?

Please mark the question as [Best Answer].

  • Marking [Best Answer] earns 5 points and 5 experience points, and the person who helped you can also earn 15 points & experience points.

  • Marking [Best Answer] rewards the partner who helped you solve the problem, encouraging more partners to help answer questions in the future.

  • Marking [Best Answer] helps others find answers more efficiently. If your issue is not resolved, please continue to ask and provide feedback on the problem you encountered, including operation prompts or screenshots, and remember to include the reproduction path of the issue.

If the topic discussion does not get enough responses, you can repost a new topic (including a link to the old topic and more effective and useful background information, logs, clinic diagnostics, etc.) or update the progress of your old topic to “boost” the topic to attract attention.

How Can I Get Commercial Support?

TiDB community issues are mainly for mutual communication, so not all issues can be satisfactorily resolved. In this case, you may need commercial support. Please click the link to fill out the form to get commercial support services. For urgent situations, please call business consultation: 4006790886.

Adding @billmay on WeChat: billmay can also facilitate more convenient contact with the commercial team.

How to Contribute to the Community?

1. Answer Questions

In the community, if you want to establish your “personal brand,” replying to others’ questions is a good way to build “goodwill.” When others post questions, your replies and assistance will bring them full comfort and goodwill. Helping others is not only a virtue, but you can also learn in advance about bug handling methods, problem localization, different scenario operation and maintenance solutions, etc., and gain more skills.

Participation Entry: Unresolved Issues

2. Write Technical Articles

TiDB Community column is a collection of community technical articles, a blog platform for TiDB users/enthusiasts to [exchange ideas] and [analyze issues]. Thanks to everyone’s co-creation, the community column has received over 700 article submissions.

3. Give Speeches

PPT Template: TiDB Community PPT Speech Material.pptx 2 (7.9 MB)

What Should I Read Next?

What Learning Courses Are Available?

What If I Find a Bug in the TiDB Product?

Click here to create a product defect issue. We will always pay attention to product bugs.

What If I Have Some Product Requirements for TiDB?

Click here to create a product requirement issue. The product and research teachers will check it periodically (not every requirement will necessarily be implemented).

If I have other suggestions, I can click here to provide feedback!

We Are Always Here to Help!

If you encounter any issues while using the TiDB community, please contact us via mailto:community@tidb.io.

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