TiDB Community Meetup - Guangzhou Station: Let's Talk About Open Source!

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Original topic: TiDB 社区小聚——广州站 ,一起聊聊,开源的哪些事儿!

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On October 21st, KCC@Guangzhou and the TiDB community jointly held an unforgettable open-source feast on the 29th floor of Poly Zhongyue Plaza in Haizhu District. This was not only another offline meeting of KCC@Guangzhou but also represented the first in-depth cooperation with the TiDB community and the Guangzhou tech community.

The event was planned and organized by KCC@Guangzhou leader - Hui Shiji, senior open-source operator from PingCAP - Biaomei, and Apache Member & Incubator Mentor - Tison. Tison, who was not only an organizer of this event but also shared his various experiences in the open-source field, showcasing a colorful career to the participants.

On this day, many open-source enthusiasts gathered to share various experiences and stories related to open source. Each story once again proved the profound significance of the open-source spirit.

We feel honored to share this moment with so many tech enthusiasts and partners. Looking ahead, we hope to collaborate with a broader range of teams, vendors, and communities to jointly promote the flourishing development of the open-source cause in Guangzhou.

Post-event Reflections:

Hui Shiji, KCC@Guangzhou Leader

The second offline event of KCC@Guangzhou was not only the first collaboration with the TiDB community but also our first partnership with the local tech community in Guangzhou. As the event organizer, I was filled with joy and excitement. I still remember late August when Biaomei, Tison, and I started planning this event. It was quite interesting as Biaomei was traveling, and Tison was busy with ApacheCon in Beijing. Unexpectedly, in just two months, our plan was perfectly realized, much like a successful online meetup.

On the day, the venue was filled with many tech enthusiasts. Every time I heard stories about their connection with open source and delved into their explorations and experiences in the open-source field, I could always feel a different perspective and passion. This deep exchange made me truly appreciate the charm and influence of the open-source spirit. It was truly amazing.

I look forward to more such collaborations and exchanges in the future, injecting more vitality and creativity into Guangzhou’s open-source community.

Daniel Wu

The trend of open-source software is surging, and open-source activities in Guangzhou, which were rare before, are gradually increasing. With the active participation of KCC and the gathering of open-source communities, enthusiasts, and contributors rooted in Guangzhou, I believe that more high-quality and substantial events will emerge.

The biggest takeaway from this event is the enthusiasm and willingness to share among open-source people. Unlike many commercial events, they are not stingy in sharing the problems they encounter and exposing their shortcomings. During the exchanges, one can often feel their upward energy, which can make a pure sharing session, even without a theme, rewarding and fulfilling.

I hope that with the robust growth of KCC, we can organize events with more communities and experts both domestically and internationally.

Billmay Huang @TiDB Community

This was the first time hosting a small gathering of open-source enthusiasts in Guangzhou and the first event with no specific theme. Unexpectedly, the on-site discussions and sharing were particularly unique, characterized by straightforward communication. I felt I heard many developers’ true voices and unique insights, which taught me another lesson in my role transition and made me feel the genuine love for open source among the participants.

Tison Apache Member

This was my first time organizing an open-source gathering in Guangzhou. It originated from the establishment of KCC and my long-standing desire to connect with open-source developers in Guangzhou.

The generation and implementation of open-source software ideas cannot be separated from the contributions and exchanges of developers. I hope that through such gatherings, we can bring together open-source developers focused on different subfields to share their experiences and problems, exchange ideas, and create opportunities. I also hope that through vivid open-source cases, we can encourage newcomers to actively participate in the development of open-source software.

Joyz Tongtong

My personal experience of attending this open-source gathering in Guangzhou was quite good. Unlike previous formal events, this was a more casual chat gathering, so the atmosphere was more relaxed, making it suitable for asking questions and chatting. It was also rare to hear Tison’s sharing, including some situations of open source in China, discussions on the essence of open source and open-source communities, and Tison’s personal open-source experiences. I truly felt Tison’s love and seriousness towards open source in China. I am also a listener of Tison’s podcast, so it was rewarding to hear his sharing offline and have some in-depth questions answered. Thanks to the organizers. Additionally, during this gathering, I also heard about the needs of different companies for open-source projects, which I think is also an important perspective. Finally, thanks again to KCC@Guangzhou and the TiDB community for organizing, and to the two responsible teachers for their sincere sharing @Hui Shiji @Billmay Biaomei. The tea break was delicious, and there were nice TiDB community peripherals to collect. It was also pleasant to communicate with everyone. I hope to participate in such events again next time. Thank you!

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When will Chengdu have it?

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We must increase it, our friends have been waiting for a long time~