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In terms of deployment usability, TiUP is indeed an essential tool as TiDBers say :laughing::muscle:

Here are some official documents, blog articles, and high-quality community documents about TiUP that might help those who want to learn about TiUP!

Official Documentation


Overview of tiup commands

Common maintenance operations with tiup

Deploying with tiup online (recommended)

Quick installation with tiup

Checking cluster status with tiup

Maintaining dm clusters with tiup

Managing components with tiup commands

Tiup mirror reference guide

Upgrading tiup and tiup cluster

Tiup components

There is a wealth of official documentation on TiUP, and the above is just a part of it~

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Blog Articles

TiUP Usage Overview - 01

TiUP Usage Overview - 02

TiUP: A Must-Have Tool for TiDBers

TiDB 7.x Source Code Compilation: TiUP

Technical Sharing | TiUP Tool - Core Process Analysis of TiDB Cluster Rolling Upgrade

Three Accounts Used by TiUP Cluster

TiDB Upgrade - Summary of Ansible and TiUP Usage

Tiup Parameter Modification Shows Success but Does Not Take Effect

Practice of Modifying Cluster Directory with TiUP

TiUP Installation and Deployment of TiDB Cluster Experiment Process

Detailed Explanation of tiup cluster display Execution Process Code

Node Destroy Issue Caused by Incomplete Tiup Directory Conflict Detection and Solution

Solution for Run Command Timeout/SSH Timeout Error During TiUP Cluster Upgrade

Experience of Semi-Automatic TiDB Cluster Upgrade Using TiUP

Solution for TiUP Upgrade TiFlash Restart Failure

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High-Quality Community Q&A about TiUP

Tiup Usage Thread

【SOP Series 42】Common Tiup Commands

TiUP Modify Cluster IP (Based on Version V6)

Summary of Issues with Tiup Mirror Private Mirror Setup Not Taking Effect

Tiup Cluster Command Not Executing, Timeout

TiUP Cluster Deploy Stuck

How to Modify Grafana Log Retention Days with tiup edit-config

Tiup Command Not Working, Prompt: bash: tiup: command not found

Official Tiup Benchmark Test Fails to Run, Error: panic: failed to connect to database when loading data

Meaning of “Up | UI” and “UP | L” Statuses in tiup cluster display

Tiup Upgrade from 3.0.8 to 4.0.6 Node_exporter Stop Failure

After Deleting .tiup Directory, Reinstalling Tiup, Unable to View Original Cluster with tiup cluster list, How to Add Cluster to Tiup Management

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