TIDB create table...select is not implemented yet

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Original topic: TIDB create table…select is not implemented yet

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] 6.5.3
[Reproduction Path] CREATE TABLE
[Encountered Problem: Phenomenon and Impact] Error “TIDB create table…select is not implemented yet”
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You can change it to:

create table aa like cc;
insert into aa select * from cc;
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TiDB does not support CTAS statements.

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Is the “create table select * from” syntax not supported?

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Not supported

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You used an unsupported CTAS statement.

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The image you provided is not accessible. Please provide the text you need translated.

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The create table select syntax is not supported, but you can refer to the method suggested by the expert above to work around it.

One reason this syntax is not supported is due to the efficiency issues of distributed large transaction processing. Besides, for tables that are slightly larger than small tables, it is easy to encounter problems that exceed transaction limits.

The insert into select method mentioned above will also have the same issue. So how do we handle this? A better approach is to give up the atomicity and consistency of large transactions and split the large transaction into multiple smaller transactions through some means. One of these methods is to use the non-transactional features of the cluster or write scripts to complete the task.

If you need to strongly ensure transactional features, you can use other tools to accomplish this, such as using dumpling+lightning for export and import, or using spark for full table export and import.

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First create the table, then insert.

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There are still differences in syntax compared to MySQL, and it is not supported in terms of syntax. It is recommended to use a different approach.

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It does not support “create table as”. You can use “create table like” or manually create the table and then use “insert into select” to import data. When the data volume for “insert into select” is large, it can easily cause OOM. You can adjust the “tidb_mem_quota_query” parameter, the default 1G is too small.

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