TiDB Creating TiFlash Replica Stuck

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Original topic: tidb创建tiflash副本一直卡着不动

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment / Testing / PoC
[TiDB Version] v7.1
It has been stuck while creating a replica for two days.

Deployment Situation
Three machines with 8 cores and 32GB RAM

Remaining Resources

Previously, it got stuck once and the reason was found to be that the disk utilization reached 0.8, making it impossible to create a replica. Later, the disk was expanded, and now the disk utilization is 0.5.

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What is the situation with a disconnect?

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Are there any indications in the FiFlash logs?

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There are a lot of things on 205. Which one did you add your flash to?

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How large is the database? It’s been stuck for two days. Let’s start over.

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Three machines, one node each.

| username: TiDBer_7Q5CQdQd | Original post link

200 million records. How to delete them? After I set the replica count to 0 and then reset it to 2, it still doesn’t work.

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Remove all TiFlash instances, so there are no Flash instances left, and then add new Flash instances. Is that what you mean?

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Shrink all the nodes first. Then add new nodes.

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Is there such a protection mechanism, so it’s working fine now, right?