TiDB Hackathon 2022丨Total Prize Pool Exceeds 350,000! Inviting You to Unlock More Possibilities in the World of Code!

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Original topic: TiDB Hackathon 2022丨总奖金池超 35 万!邀你唤醒代码世界的更多可能性!

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The annual TiDB Hackathon is back!

The theme of TiDB Hackathon 2022 is “Possibility at Scale”, officially starting on September 13, with the offline finals taking place on October 22-23, 2022. We look forward to breaking traditional technical boundaries with you, overcoming inherent thinking limitations, and unleashing more possibilities for innovation with TiDB.

This year’s TiDB Hackathon will be open to a wider audience, divided into two main tracks: Application Group and TiDB Product Group. Whether you are an application developer, database developer, upstream and downstream ecosystem practitioner, or database user, you can find a suitable direction and “play” with TiDB together.

The registration channel for TiDB Hackathon officially opens on September 13, 2022. Participants can form their own teams to compete. After the preliminary selection, they will complete coding and final presentations on-site. The winning teams will receive cash prizes, technical, and resource support. The competition judges are a luxurious lineup of senior experts in the database field, community tech gurus, and top investors who will provide in-depth reviews of the projects. Additionally, top investors will participate in the selection process throughout, allowing your skills to be seen by more people.

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At TiDB Hackathon, you can fully unleash your imagination and creativity, fully immerse yourself, and realize your ideas. We hope you can always maintain your passion and curiosity for technology, bravely explore the world of code, and move forward fearlessly. We await you at TiDB Hackathon 2022, looking forward to sharing this technical feast with you!

Event Highlights

:star2: Generous Prizes

The total prize pool is up to 350,000 yuan, with more than 10 awards covering various directions, aiming to fully explore the value of each participating project.

:star2: Top Experts Competing

Tech experts gather together, showcasing “god-level” battles, creating an electrifying atmosphere. The peak duels between masters are exciting and eye-opening.

:star2: High-Quality Exchanges

Renowned experts in the data field and community tech gurus serve as competition judges, providing in-depth reviews of the projects. Top investors also participate in the selection process throughout, offering not only hardcore technical feedback but also forward-looking inspiration.

:star2: Exclusive Interviews for Outstanding Projects

After the competition, we will conduct exclusive interviews with outstanding projects, providing multiple exposures in the domestic and international tech circles, enhancing the visibility of excellent projects, and leveraging the power of the TiDB community to give projects more vitality.

Generous Prizes

Prize pool of 350,000 yuan, 10+ awards, 20+ winning teams

Mystery Customized Community Merchandise


Whether you are a database kernel engineer, upstream and downstream ecosystem developer, or application developer, as long as you have an idea, you can register to participate and showcase your talents!

Track Settings

Application Group

Mainly to reflect the value of TiDB products, any products, tools, applications, etc., that achieve open-source code based on TiDB are acceptable. In terms of deployment methods, it is more recommended to build TiDB-related applications based on Cloud. Recommended fields: gaming, e-commerce, fintech, public welfare, etc.

TiDB Product Group

To improve the performance, stability, usability, or functionality of TiDB kernel products and surrounding tools such as TiCDC, TiDB Lightning, TiUP, etc.

Event Schedule


From now until October 17

Team Formation

September 17, participate in the “Informal Talks - Creative Brainstorming Session” to get project inspiration (see the introduction below for details)

Online Preliminary Round

After registration until October 17, submit RFC to enter the preliminary round

Announcement of Finalists

October 19, check the list of finalists

On-site Coding & Finals

October 22 - October 23, on-site coding & final presentations

Judging Panel

Renowned experts in the database field, community tech gurus, and top investors serve as judges, with top investors participating throughout, providing in-depth reviews of the competition projects.

There are wins and losses in competitions, but there is no high or low in technology. Even if you do not reach the peak in the end, sprinting towards your heart’s direction with all your might is still a journey worth remembering. Embracing the hacker spirit of continuous breakthrough and creation, let’s have a technical carnival. Bring it on!

Register for the Event

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Creative Brainstorming Session for Inspiration

TiDB Hackathon 2022 Informal Talks - Creative Brainstorming Session is here, with tons of ideas and special guests like Dongxu and senior architects brainstorming online, providing you with rich project inspiration. September 17, this Saturday, 10:30-12:00 (GTM+8), see you online~

From 2017 to 2022, TiDB Hackathon has continuously upgraded, attracting over 1000 tech enthusiasts worldwide, giving birth to highly praised hardcore projects such as UDF Engine, TiExec, TiMatch, as well as novel and interesting projects like zh.md, TiDB Cockpit, pCloud, etc. Some outstanding projects have also received multiple exposures on domestic and international media platforms, leveraging the power of the TiDB community to give projects more vitality.

Highlights from Previous TiDB Hackathons


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Create a talent market post :crazy_face:
Let’s see what everyone thinks and what kind of people are needed.
I’m somewhat familiar with RocksDB code and have looked at TiKV code, but I don’t have any good ideas and can’t join the competition.

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The talent market post is here~

| username: TiDB社区小助手 | Original post link

The talent market post is here~