TiDB instance fails to start when launching the cluster

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Original topic: 启动集群时TiDB instance启动失败

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It might be because you have installed everything on the same machine, and the machine’s resources are insufficient, causing the tidb-server to take more than 2 minutes to start. You can first use tiup cluster display to check the cluster status. If there are any anomalies, you can continue by executing tiup cluster start <cluster-name> --wait-timeout 3600.

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This kind of issue generally requires checking the operating system logs, specifically /var/log/message. It will show the reason for the failure. Common reasons include incorrect parameter settings or directory permission issues.

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TiDB is stateless. I encountered three solutions:

  1. Check the TiDB logs of the target instance.
  2. Inspect the firewall, fearing that SSH access might be blocked or the port might be firewalled.
  3. If everything seems fine but it still won’t start, perform a scale-out or scale-in.
    For high-availability systems, especially TiDB, there are no issues at all.
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Check the logs, you can’t tell much from this.