TiDB Lightning Startup carch

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Original topic: TiDB Lightning 启动 carch

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Test Environment
【lightning Version】
./tidb-lightning -V
Release Version: v5.4.0
Git Commit Hash: 55f3b24c1c9f506bd652ef1d162283541e428872
Git Branch: heads/refs/tags/v5.4.0
Go Version: go1.16.4
UTC Build Time: 2022-01-25 08:36:52
Race Enabled: false
【Encountered Problem】
The tool crashes immediately upon startup
【Reproduction Path】
nohup ./tidb-lightning -config tidb-lightning.toml > nohup_lightning1.out &

The target instance for import is MySQL

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It looks like there was an issue parsing the MySQL version. Can you check the log?

Since Lightning is mainly used for importing into TiDB, it might not be as friendly with MySQL. If you can provide the log and the MySQL version to reproduce the issue, it might be resolved in the next version (you can use the select version() statement to read the MySQL version).