TiDB OOM Causes Restart

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Original topic: TiDB OOM导致重启

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TiDB experienced a sudden increase in memory usage, triggering an OOM event. Upon checking the slow logs, it was identified that an internal SQL execution caused this. The SQL content is as follows:

What is the meaning of this SQL, under what circumstances does it occur, and how can this issue be avoided?

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This is the histogram information for table lookup, related to statistics. The execution frequency of this SQL is not very high, and the memory usage is not large, so it should not be the cause of the OOM. Let’s look for other SQLs.

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Generally, the memory-usage-alarm-ratio is set. When this threshold is exceeded, it will dump the goroutine, heap, and running_sql from memory to a file. You can check these files to see what exactly is causing the issue.

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It shouldn’t be this SQL causing the issue. This SQL is used for collecting statistical information. I suggest checking other SQL queries.

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However, from the slow query log, comparing the OOM time, only this statement matches. Apart from this SQL consuming hundreds of MB of memory, all other SQL statements are in KB.

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This is deployed on K8S. TiDB is stateless, and the logs are gone after a restart.

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However, from the slow query logs, only this SQL query has the highest memory usage, nearly 300MB, while the largest memory usage for other SQL queries is less than 50MB. Additionally, the OOM (Out of Memory) event timing also matches only this SQL query.

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As buddyyuan mentioned, it is still necessary to look at the behavior of the heap and log to see if it matches the invocation of this SQL. Currently, it is suspected that the OOM is related to this SQL, but it cannot be proven.

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