TiDB Operator 1.4.4 on operatorhub.io

Is it a lot of work to make the tidb-operator 1.4.4 available on the Operator Hub:

We’d like to make our customer install the latest version on their on-premise OpenShift, but they are refusing to use Helm manually. Thanks!

Hi peter

I’m supporter from PingCAP, thanks for using TiDB and TiDB-Operator. I’m sorry to inform you that we currently do not maintain the operatorhub because of the organizational change, we may return to it someday if possible.

As helm install has an option --dry-run to output the deployment configuration, you can use it in a similar environment to generate the deployment yaml file you need.

Please let me know if you have more questions about this.


It is possible to use Helm directly as intended on OpenShift. It’s only that our customer (partner) doesn’t want to bother with that. They want to use the features of Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) to manage future upgrades of the operator. I can totally understand them.
I might be forced to dive into publishing the operator on the operatorhub myself to please them.
Regards, Peter