TiDB Product Should Add Support for User-Defined Functions (UDF) as Soon as Possible

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Original topic: tidb产品尽快增加自定义函数支持(UDF)

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[Problem Scenario Involved in the Demand]

[Expected Desired Behavior] Add custom function feature

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[Background Information]
During the internal promotion of TiDB and the integration of multiple MySQL clusters, we encountered a large number of custom functions in MySQL instances. From a development perspective, adapting and modifying the code would undoubtedly involve a significant amount of work and pose considerable risks for smooth migration. We have faced many obstacles in migrating to the TiDB cluster and hope that the product can support this feature as soon as possible.

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I support.

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Bump, bump

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It might take a long time if you rely on the community.

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Support, support, urgently needed.

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Support, bumping the thread~

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Push it to the top.

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It’s best for the database to handle read and write operations, not logic.

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Stored procedures are going to be supported.

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Stored procedures are needed by everyone. Let’s see when TiDB will support them.

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Stored procedures?
I am against it.

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The enterprise edition supports stored procedures :upside_down_face:

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This year’s version will support it.

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The request has been forwarded~

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Support, urgently needed.

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Support for implementing custom functions

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This requirement has existed for a long time.

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Strongly support

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Support, it is still very necessary for non-internet enterprises.

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Support, traditional enterprises still cannot do without this demand.