TiDB Query Return Time is Unstable, Ranging from 2 Minutes to 10 Minutes

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Original topic: TIDB相同查询返回时间不稳定从2min-10min

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Production Environment
【TiDB Version】5.3
【Encountered Problem】Unstable response time for the same query in TiDB
【Reproduction Path】Using the same query

“SELECT a.fundid,
coalesce(b.fundshortname, b.fundname) fundshortname
from NetValue a
left join (select a.fundid, b.fundname, coalesce(b.fundshortname, b.fundname) as fundshortname
from table_a a
join table_b b on a.fundsyscode = b.fundsyscode
where a.fundid in (156366, 156367, 156369, 156370, 156373, 156377, 156382, 156383, 156384, 156385, 156389, 156392, 156393, 156397, 156398, 156399, 156400, 156401, 156404, 156405,”(len :123247);

【Problem Phenomenon and Impact】

The attachment shows the Time statistics for the same query on TiDB Dashboard

Send response time varies greatly, once it was 1.9 minutes, another time it was 9.8 minutes

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The database is very stable; it’s the client receiving data that is unstable.

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Data extraction is very stable, but there are issues with data insertion.

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Downstream data issue