TiDB query statement (drop/alter table) is completely stuck, kill query cannot terminate it

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Original topic: TiDB query 语句(drop /alter table) 全卡住了, kill query 也无法结束

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We have a TiDB V4.0.16 cluster. Previously, we added an index to a certain table. Because the table is very large, the process of adding the index took a very long time. During this period, I decided I didn’t want to add the index anymore and tried to end the process by pressing Ctrl+C, but it wouldn’t stop. Then I tried to drop the table, but it got stuck. I also tried to drop other tables, but they also got stuck. Is there any way to kill this query?

  1. Select * from information_schema.cluster_processlist to find the ID.
  2. Kill tidb query ID;
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You’re no TiDB newbie, you’re a pro!!!
The problem is solved, thank you very much!!!

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In TiDB, pressing Ctrl + C cannot stop DDL operations; you need to use ADMIN CANCEL DDL JOBS.

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If MySQL encounters this scenario and can’t be killed, it seems you can only wait.

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