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Can TICDC 6.1 synchronize TiDB data to MariaDB 5.5?

Please provide the version information of each component, such as cdc/tikv, which can be obtained by executing cdc version/tikv-server --version.

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Yes, TiCDC downstream supports databases with MySQL protocol.

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I have a question. I created a test table with the following structure on TiDB. After creating the changefeed, I inserted data on the source end but found that the data was not synchronized to MariaDB. I checked the CDC logs and there were no errors. How should I troubleshoot this?

id char(10) NOT NULL,
name char(20) DEFAULT NULL,
address char(30) DEFAULT NULL,

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Please provide the command to create a changefeed, the result of the changefeed query, and you can also upload the logs.

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Starting component cdc: /root/.tiup/components/cdc/v6.1.1/cdc cli changefeed query --pd= --changefeed-id=simple-replication-task
“info”: {
“upstream-id”: 0,
“sink-uri”: “mysql://root:xxxx@”,
“opts”: {},
“create-time”: “2022-10-20T09:05:36.102187123+08:00”,
“start-ts”: 436791655858438149,
“target-ts”: 0,
“admin-job-type”: 0,
“sort-engine”: “unified”,
“sort-dir”: “”,
“config”: {
“case-sensitive”: true,
“enable-old-value”: true,
“force-replicate”: false,
“check-gc-safe-point”: true,
“filter”: {
“rules”: [
" . "
“ignore-txn-start-ts”: null
“mounter”: {
“worker-num”: 16
“sink”: {
“dispatchers”: null,
“protocol”: “”,
“column-selectors”: null,
“schema-registry”: “”,
“transaction-atomicity”: “table”
“cyclic-replication”: {
“enable”: false,
“replica-id”: 0,
“filter-replica-ids”: null,
“id-buckets”: 0,
“sync-ddl”: false
“consistent”: {
“level”: “none”,
“max-log-size”: 64,
“flush-interval”: 2000,
“storage”: “”
“state”: “normal”,
“error”: null,
“sync-point-enabled”: false,
“sync-point-interval”: 600000000000,
“creator-version”: “v6.1.1”
“status”: {
“resolved-ts”: 436793412800479234,
“checkpoint-ts”: 436793412800479234,
“admin-job-type”: 0
“count”: 0,
“task-status”: [
“capture_id”: “0b89cd6e-0f76-4eec-88d8-0600df50c7b4”,
“table_ids”: ,
“table_operations”: null
“capture_id”: “25e6ebd4-8109-4e4c-bfd8-0cff8227ed09”,
“table_ids”: ,
“table_operations”: null

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The attachment contains the CDC.LOG file.

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Confirm, does ticdc have other downstream targets for synchronization? Is the status normal?