TiDB v6.5 Deployment Environment Requirements

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Original topic: TiDB v6.5部署环境需求

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[Encountered Issue: Issue Phenomenon and Impact] Planning to deploy a set of TiDB v6.5, and according to the official manual, it seems that the environment does not meet the requirements? Is glibc (version 2.28-151.el8) mandatory? Is version 2.28-36 acceptable? The operating system is Kylin V10 server version (Tercel), does it have to be Kylin Euler version V10 SP1/SP2? Thank you.
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Not following the official deployment might lead to some issues.

You can also try it out first to see if there are any problems during the setup process and ask questions here anytime.

However, if possible, it is still recommended to use the officially recommended deployment system/resources to avoid any unknown issues.

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According to the official requirements, I can only deploy V5.4 first.

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The OS is CentOS Linux 7 (Core) 7.9.2009. Can it directly run v6.5.1?

This part is prone to misunderstanding.

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Reference: V6.5 Manual TiDB 软件和硬件环境建议配置 | PingCAP 文档中心

For example, I am currently using Kylin V10, Kernel 4.19.90-24. How does this correspond to “Kylin Euler Edition V10 SP1/SP2”?
Additionally, even if the operating system meets the requirements, it still needs to satisfy the “libraries required for compiling and running TiDB” part, right?

The issue is that most enterprises have an operating system baseline. For instance, Kylin V10 corresponds to glibc 2.28-36, and upgrading to 2.28-151 individually is not easy as it involves changes to the baseline.

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It is recommended to consult the operating system community or support personnel for issues related to the operating system.

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How about trying with k8s?

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Euler and Anolis can both be installed.

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