TiDB with Ubuntu 22.04 : feasible and advisable?

Hi !

I created and configured a Kubernetes Cluster with 3 control-plane nodes and 3 worker nodes.
All 6 nodes have Ubuntu 22.04 as O.S.

I read here: Deploy and Maintain TiCDC | PingCAP Docs that in production environment it is suggested to use Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS as Linux OS

Does it mean that TiDB has not be tested in Ubuntu, and, specifically, Ubuntu 22.04 environment?

According to the official documentation, TiDB is primarily tested and recommended for production environments on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or CentOS . While Ubuntu is not explicitly mentioned as a recommended operating system, it doesn’t necessarily mean that TiDB cannot be used on Ubuntu.

However, it’s important to note that using an operating system that is not officially recommended may have some implications. The official documentation provides detailed instructions and best practices for deploying and maintaining TiDB on RHEL or CentOS, which may not be directly applicable to Ubuntu.

If you decide to use Ubuntu 22.04 in your Kubernetes cluster, it is advisable to thoroughly test and validate the TiDB deployment in this environment. You may encounter some differences or challenges compared to using RHEL or CentOS. It’s recommended to closely monitor the performance and stability of the TiDB cluster and consult the TiDB community or PingCAP support if you encounter any issues.

In summary, while TiDB may not have been extensively tested in Ubuntu 22.04 specifically, it is still possible to use TiDB in this environment. However, it is important to be aware of the potential differences and challenges and to thoroughly test and validate the deployment.