[TiDBer Chat Session 104] Where is the Next Stop for DBAs?

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Original topic: 【TiDBer 唠嗑茶话会 104】DBA 的下一站会是哪里?

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Database administrators (DBAs) play an important role at every stage of the database lifecycle, including design, deployment, monitoring, maintenance, and optimization. However, with the increasing application of cloud computing and automation technologies in database management, the role of the DBA is constantly evolving. So, where will the next stop for DBAs be in the future? What new skills or directions need to be learned? What are everyone’s views on the development of DBAs? Feel free to share your thoughts! :orange_heart:

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Where will the next stop for DBAs be? :raised_hands:

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2024.01.26 - 2024.2.2

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Senior DBA :ghost:

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Everything ultimately leads to mysticism
:crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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Next stop, lying at home.

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Unemployed, basically just waiting to be unemployed now…

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Cloud DBA

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The gatekeeper at the company entrance, this is the position I aspire to :monkey:

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:yum: How about 550W?

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Senior DBA :grinning: :grinning:

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new DBA
cloud DBA

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It is compiled.

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The role of DBA will remain unchanged, but the scope of work will expand. The future belongs to versatile talents, so it’s advisable to plan ahead according to the characteristics of your industry.

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Part-time DBA

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When will Beijing

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Development and DBA

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Senior management positions, from data management to model algorithms to data-driven decision making.

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DevOps, data management, data services, data governance, data model architecture