[TiDBer Chat Session 106] Where is your hometown? Any local delicacies you would recommend? 😋

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Original topic: 【TiDBer 唠嗑茶话会 106】你的家乡是哪里?有没有值得推荐的家乡美食~😋

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The little assistant here wishes everyone a happy New Year’s Eve and a happy New Year! :firecracker:

Everyone should be home for the New Year, right? :tada: It’s time to share your photos and recommendations with us!

Where is your hometown? Are there any local delicacies you would recommend? :yum:

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Where is your hometown? Are there any local delicacies you would recommend? :yum:

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2024.2.9 - 2024.2.18

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Tengzhou, Shandong, vegetable pancakes

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Shanghai local cuisine, rice soup, braised pork, and so on. Hahahahahaha.

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Fish and meat are the same in many places.

| username: zhaokede | Original post link

Highly recommend “Mianzi Rou” in Shaoyang, Hunan.

| username: zhanggame1 | Original post link

Ningxia beef noodles, cold skin noodles

| username: ealam_小羽 | Original post link

Henan Big Plate Chicken with Noodles

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Wuhan, hot dry noodles, bean skin, rice wine, osmanthus rice wine, egg wine, glutinous rice chicken, noodle nests, fried dough sticks, happy balls…

Beef bones, beef, beef offal, Wuchang fish, dry-fried lotus root shreds, lotus root soup…

Too many… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I recommend everyone to try the morning tea in Guangzhou.

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Dumplings. :t_rex: :sauropod:

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Dalian grilled squid :joy:

| username: DBRE | Original post link

Hospitable Shandong welcomes you.

| username: 孙晨航11 | Original post link

Anyang, Henan is known for its specialty dish, Bianfen Cai.

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People from Nantong mainly enjoy snacks such as crispy cakes, Dong sugar, Baipu tea cakes, and radish cakes.

| username: ti-tiger | Original post link

Wuhan, hot dry noodles

| username: 裤衩儿飞上天 | Original post link

Dingzhou Menzi

| username: 半瓶醋仙 | Original post link

Wuhan: Huangshi Daye Jinjiu, Jingzhou Baiyunbian, Wuhan Huanghelou Daohuaxiang, Yichang Zhijiang Daqu. Visiting relatives during the New Year and enjoying these until the fifteenth.

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Come to Chengdu, the hotpot and other things are still quite good.

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Jiangxi, stir-fried noodles haha