【TiDBer Chat Session 120】 How is TiDB v8.1.0? Share your test comparison charts and earn an extra 100 points & experience! Any early adopters willing to share their feedback?

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Original topic: 【TiDBer 唠嗑茶话会 120】 TiDB v8.1.0 好用不!晒出测试对比图,额外获得 100 积分&经验值!有没有尝鲜的小伙伴和大家分享一下使用反馈!

| username: 社区小助手

TiDB v8.1.0 was officially released last week :partying_face:. The new version particularly emphasizes key advancements in performance, scalability, stability, and data migration, which are essential components for building enterprise-level database solutions.

By introducing a priority queue for automatic statistics collection, improving BR snapshot recovery speed, enhancing data migration tools DM and TiCDC, and refining the execution plan selection for JSON multi-value indexes, TiDB demonstrates its capabilities in handling large-scale datasets, providing efficient data migration solutions, and optimizing SQL performance.

A community member shared their test results in the community group (see image below):

After upgrading from version 7.5 to 8.1, the p999 metric has significantly decreased.

Another community member has already deployed version 8.1 directly into production :call_me_hand: :sunglasses:

v8.1.0 Release Note:

This Topic:

How is TiDB v8.1.0? Any early adopters willing to share their feedback?

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Share your test comparison chart and earn an additional 100 points & experience! :partying_face:

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2024.5.31 - 2024.6.7

| username: 这里介绍不了我 | Original post link

Marking this to follow and improve.

| username: Hacker007 | Original post link

Has anyone used it in production? How is the improvement? :grinning:

| username: Kongdom | Original post link

:thinking: This comparison chart is a bit difficult, is there any classmate who can lend me the chart~ :yum:

| username: xfworld | Original post link

I have a 7.5.0 environment here, I can do a test before upgrading, but I’m afraid I don’t have time to mess with this… :see_no_evil:

| username: zhaokede | Original post link

No testing, focusing on the performance improvements of v8.1.0.

| username: Kongdom | Original post link

Could you please share a screenshot after the upgrade? Wishing you a lifetime of peace and happiness~ :yum:

| username: 清风明月 | Original post link

Keep following it.

| username: zhimadi | Original post link

Haven’t upgraded yet, want to try upgrading in the development environment first.

| username: stephanie | Original post link

Currently using 7.5.1, and may not consider upgrading in the near future.

| username: 努力学习的小白 | Original post link

Waiting and seeing, haven’t upgraded yet.

| username: 望海崖2084 | Original post link

Still using version 4.5, following.

| username: herowk | Original post link

Just deployed it in the test environment, preparing to import a large amount of data for testing. Will share in the department meeting.

| username: 大飞哥online | Original post link

Always paying attention

| username: 洪七表哥 | Original post link

Very useful, very useful.

| username: paulli | Original post link

Focus on p999 tail latency and resource isolation.

| username: YuchongXU | Original post link

Requesting a picture for verification.

| username: 像风一样的男子 | Original post link

No motivation to upgrade. Only new clusters have the chance to try 8.1.