【TiDBer Chat Session 40】The Future of asktug: What Features Do You Think It Should Have?

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Original topic: 【TiDBer 唠嗑茶话会 40】asktug 的未来,你觉得应该有哪些功能?

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This Topic:

What features do you think asktug should have in the future?

Our community can continuously optimize and become what it is today because of the companionship of TiDBers. :two_hearts: We have walked through the past together and are experiencing the present. At this moment, I want to talk to TiDBers about the future of asktug. When browsing asktug, have you ever had a sudden moment of regret, thinking, “Oh, it would be great if this feature existed”? :dizzy: Now is the time to voice those thoughts!

We want to know what each TiDBer thinks is the most essential feature that asktug should have in the future and how this idea was triggered. :thinking:

Event Rewards:

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Participate to receive 50 points and 50 experience points (just share the feature you think is most necessary + the trigger point to get the reward~)

Event Time:

2022.9.23-2022.9.30 Looking forward to your sharing~

| username: TiDB社区小助手 | Original post link

Sharp eyes! Thanks for the reminder!

| username: ti-tiger | Original post link

Add an online chat feature or something, so questions can be asked and resolved in real-time.

| username: tracy0984 | Original post link

Is it possible to have a TiDB test environment?

| username: 半瓶醋仙 | Original post link

Virtual machine-mounted online experimental sandbox. Used for virtual deployment experiments.

| username: YuchongXU | Original post link

Online laboratory.

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Similar to a scam script. Some answers I want to save for future reference, so when I encounter similar questions, I can just flip through the script and send it out. However, this script shouldn’t be too official, or rather, it should allow for a personal script. If it’s too official, individuals won’t be able to check it at any time. The official version can extract and organize the good parts.

Or directly list all the solution answers. Currently, only a part is listed, and some older ones can’t be found.

Another thing, sometimes some answers are saved by others, but I don’t know which answers have been saved. There’s no place to check.

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Here is a recommended feature:

Set your own tags, and subscribe to certain information or categories you are interested in.

Then, based on dimensions such as category, access count, and timeline, you can set subscription information to achieve internal post pushing (convenient for collection and maintenance :100:). PS: Collections also need to support custom categories, otherwise, it will be hard to find when there are many collections.

It would be best to also provide SSR subscriptions and email push notifications.

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There is a free TiDB Cloud.

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I’ll go take a look, thanks :+1:

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When asking a question and selecting tags and question types while submitting a case, the next step is to set some questions to further confirm the information. After that, recommend related solution documents. This can improve the scope of localization and increase efficiency (providing error codes, and the system recommends related documents based on the error codes).

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It would be best to have image and document extraction capabilities, as many questions are screenshots or documents that cannot be searched.

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Image and text retrieval

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Can we have a mobile version, an H5 version would also be fine.

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  1. How about adding a bounty feature?
    The topic starter can use a certain number of points as a bounty reward for the best answer. If not marked, the points will be returned to the topic starter after 7 days without any replies.
    This can motivate some users and provide more possibilities for points, not just redeeming gifts.

  2. How about a popular reply feature?
    For certain activities, such as collecting likes, the top three most liked replies can be placed at the top of the reply thread. Similar to pinning a reply to the top of the thread.
    This is purely for atmosphere, allowing a creative or useful reply to be highlighted, increasing its exposure.

| username: ShawnYan | Original post link

Enhance the search functionality, it’s still a bit weak. A powerful search engine dedicated to TiDB is worth having.

| username: tjdagang1 | Original post link

Add a module for common issues and solutions in the production environment.

| username: Jellybean | Original post link

  1. A ranking list of frequently asked questions, with the most searched questions at the top.
  2. Categorize the question set and answer set, establish a search index, so that users can quickly and accurately find questions and answers without having to ask repeatedly.
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ASK is like a big family where everyone works together to do a good job with the database.