[TiDBer Chat Session 43] If your company needs you to go on a long business trip, possibly for 2 months or even longer, would you go?

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Original topic: 【TiDBer 唠嗑茶话会 43】如果公司需要你出一个长差,可能需要2个月甚至更长的时间,你会去吗?

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Thanks to @数据小黑 for contributing to this topic. I was astonished to learn that business trips can last up to 2 years when the first question came out. It truly surprised me, Robot.

Since I never go on business trips, I have always envied those who can. If I were given the opportunity for a long business trip, I would definitely pack my bags and leave immediately. After all, I am single and alone, so as long as I am brave enough, I can treat the business trip as a vacation.

What about everyone else? Let’s talk about whether you would go if your company asked you to go on a long business trip today. If you go, how would you balance your partner, life, and work?

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If your company needs you to go on a long business trip, possibly for 2 months or even longer, would you go? If you go, how would you balance your partner, life, and work?

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| username: ShawnYan | Original post link

I have been on business trips for a few days, a few weeks, and even half a year, but that was with my previous company. The way to balance it? Just change jobs to one that doesn’t require business trips.

| username: TiDBer_CQ | Original post link

During my work period, I haven’t had any business trips. If there is a need for a business trip now, I would choose to go. I would arrange for my wife and child to be taken care of by my parents in advance, otherwise, I wouldn’t feel at ease. After all, the child is young and taking care of them is quite challenging!

| username: YuchongXU | Original post link

It shouldn’t happen again.

| username: onlyacat | Original post link

That depends on the cost.
If the destination is good, there are high-end hotels to stay in, and there are subsidies, then it can be considered a vacation.

| username: ti-tiger | Original post link

A business trip of around 2 months is not too long, but 2 years is indeed too long. If the 2-month trip has timely reimbursements and allowances, and advances can be made, then it can be considered.

| username: TiDBer_Wp | Original post link

I used to envy business trips since I didn’t travel much for work. A two-month trip is manageable, but if it were any longer, I think most people wouldn’t be too willing.

| username: edward-大辰 | Original post link

I think it’s okay, but I’m still used to working in one place.

| username: 孙晨航11 | Original post link

I won’t choose business trips that last more than a week. Long business trips make it impossible to balance work and life.

| username: TiDBer_jYQINSnf | Original post link

Isn’t 2 years basically outsourcing? If it’s temporary for one or two months, it’s still acceptable, but for 2 years, how many years can one work at a company?

| username: alfred | Original post link

Two consecutive months is quite long, it’s unacceptable.

| username: 张雨齐0720 | Original post link

In the first few years after graduation, I was traveling for business every year. I graduated in 2015 and joined the company, started traveling for business in 2016, and continued until the end of 2020, basically traveling to various places. I went to many places, staying a few months in each, with the longest being a 2.5-year stint in Shanghai. I really didn’t feel a sense of belonging or improvement, so I left and joined a client-side company.

Now, my current job doesn’t require business trips. Short trips are fine, but long trips depend on family arrangements. As long as everything can be managed smoothly, it’s okay. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to accept it.

| username: 啦啦啦啦啦 | Original post link

If there are subsidies, it’s acceptable. I used to travel for business at my previous company, but it was all out-of-pocket, so eventually, no one was willing to travel anymore.

| username: tracy0984 | Original post link

Currently, I can’t really accept business trips. If the job always requires business trips, I am ready to change jobs…

| username: meathill | Original post link

From my experience, within one month, I would basically have no hesitation. Two months is almost the limit. As for two years, unless I come back to retire, or return to my or my wife’s hometown, or go to a very developed country with high subsidies, it would be very difficult to accept.

| username: itfarmer | Original post link

In fact, the most comfortable business trip lasts one or two weeks.

| username: wuxiangdong | Original post link

Two months is acceptable, anything beyond that will be directly rejected.