TiFlash High Availability Consultation

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I started 2 TiFlash instances using tiup and configured 2 TiFlash replicas.

When using TiDB and specifying the use of the TiFlash engine with the hint syntax /*+ read_from_storage(tiflash[t]) */:

  1. What are the specific rules for reading from which TiFlash replica?

  2. If one TiFlash goes down during the reading process, can it successfully switch to the other TiFlash and complete the read successfully?

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  1. The rule is to choose TiFlash that can read continuous regions as much as possible. For details, see Better read plan of region peer between TiFlash nodes - Google Docs
  2. For MPP, it will not succeed and will report an error. For cop and batchCop, it will try to read from another TiFlash.
| username: Billmay表妹 | Original post link

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