[TiFlash] How does the cost model choose between TiKV and TiFlash? What is the algorithm?

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Original topic: 【tiflash】代价模型是如何选择tikv还是tiflash的?算法是什么?

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【tiflash】How does the cost model choose between tikv and tiflash? What is the algorithm? Is there any related documentation?

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After TiDB parses the SQL, the optimizer interprets and generates the execution plan. You can see which algorithms the TiDB optimizer uses.

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Intelligent selection (CBO automatic or manual selection)

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The core function of the optimizer is to select the execution plan with the lowest cost. However, the optimizer itself is not omnipotent and may choose the wrong execution plan due to certain factors. In such cases, manual intervention is required.

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The statistics of the table provide the basis for your optimizer to calculate. Choosing TiFlash or TiKV mainly depends on the amount of data in the table and the number of rows and columns you query. To understand the algorithm, directly look at the source code.