TiFlash Startup Abnormalities

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Original topic: tiflash 启动异常

| username: Running

After starting TiFlash in version 7.1.2, this error is reported.

| username: Fly-bird | Original post link

“Address not mapped to object, is the configured address correct? Check the configuration.”

| username: xfworld | Original post link

The configuration is incorrect, it seems like that.
I suggest you scale down, clean up the information, and then scale up again.

| username: Running | Original post link

What configuration is incorrect? This was directly scaled down and then scaled up again.

| username: 大飞哥online | Original post link

Isn’t the value of the max-memory-size parameter in the TiFlash configuration file too small?

| username: Running | Original post link

At present, no specific issue has been identified. It seems that enabling too many TiFlash replicas at once is causing the problem.