TiFlash Thread Count Explosion

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Original topic: tiflash 线程数爆掉

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TiDB 6.1
Testing environment, 4 nodes, each node with 32 cores and 128GB RAM, mixed deployment of PD / TiDB / TiKV / TiFlash.
During the stress test, the number of TiFlash threads exploded.
Even after stopping the stress test (around 18:30 in the graph), the number of threads did not decrease unless TiFlash was restarted.

Previously tested another environment where TiFlash was deployed separately, and running the same stress test did not have this issue.
Is this considered a bug? Is there a solution, or can it only be resolved by separate deployment?

Monitoring panel:
TiFlash-Summary / Task Scheduler / TiFlash Estimated Thread Usage and Limit

Overview - System Info CPU & Memory

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The official recommendation is to deploy TiFlash separately, but it doesn’t say it must be deployed separately, nor does it mention what impact mixed deployment would have.

Your high level, did you check what operations were happening in the database at that time? Or were they all empty sessions?

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I have opened another thread to ask, closing this one.

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