TiFlash's MPP refers to the TiFlash node rather than the replica, right?

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Original topic: TiFlash的MPP是指的TiFlash节点而非副本吧?

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I suggest first looking at the official documentation and related courses.

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MPP is an architecture adopted by TiFlash.

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The MPP of TiFlash is indeed executed on the TiFlash nodes, not on the TiDB server nodes.

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Under MPP, do TiFlash nodes process and handle data among themselves, and then return the final result to the TiDB server node, with the TiDB server node essentially becoming a coordinator node? Is that correct?

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For example, if a TiFlash has 5 nodes and its replicas also have 5 nodes, then when performing MPP, it can only be done on one of the groups of 5 nodes, right?

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Basically, it can be considered as such.