TiKV 4.0 Unable to Debug

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Original topic: tikv4.0 无法debug

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[TiDB Usage Environment]
Ubuntu 18, Rust 1.63.0, CLion 2022.2, GDB 8.1

[Issue] Current Problem
When using CLion to debug TiKV, the variable values cannot be seen, as shown in Figures 1 and 2. However, it works fine with a locally built Rust project.
If the package is specified as cmd during debugging, it cannot debug and reports that the Builder method is not implemented, as shown in Figure 3.

[Business Impact]
Unable to debug

[TiDB Version]
TiKV, PD, and TiDB are all release 4.0

[Application Software and Version]
Rust 1.63.0, CLion 2022.2, GDB 8.1

[Attachments] Relevant Logs and Configuration Information

  • TiUP Cluster Display Information
  • TiUP Cluster Edit Config Information

Monitoring (https://metricstool.pingcap.com/)

  • TiDB-Overview Grafana Monitoring
  • TiDB Grafana Monitoring
  • TiKV Grafana Monitoring
  • PD Grafana Monitoring
  • Corresponding Module Logs (including logs 1 hour before and after the issue)
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The issue has been identified: some parameters need to be changed in cargo build.

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