TiKV cannot start offline

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Original topic: tikv离线起不来

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] 6.2.0
[Encountered Problem: Symptoms and Impact]

The TiKV in the online environment went offline and could not be started after using tiup cluster.

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Rebuild this node, it’s the simplest and most reliable method.

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Scaling up or down, there’s no better way.

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Your version 6.2 is a DMR version and not suitable for production use.

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Check if the node’s disk space is full or if there are no write permissions?

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Doesn’t the appearance of “welcome” mean that it has started up?

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“Welcome” is the first sentence, and “ready to serve” indicates that it has truly started up.
In this case, it is continuously restarting.

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It doesn’t have much impact, just shrink it and expand it again.

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Following, it’s really scary to perform scaling down in production.

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:flushed: I hadn’t noticed this detail before~

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No big deal, shrink the node and then expand it again.

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Was the offline time too long? Did it cause the log to be overwritten?

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Focus on solving the problem.
You can try this: first perform a hard backup of the operating system, then reduce and expand the capacity on the hard backup. It’s safer this way.

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Is it really that fragile? Scaling up and down seems quite troublesome.

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First scale down, then scale up.

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Upgrade the version.

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I tried to shrink it, but it’s been two hours and it’s still not done. Is it broken and unable to shrink?

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How many nodes do you have in total? Don’t tell me you only have three nodes and one of them is down?

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No, before you shrink, you need to check if the number of nodes is sufficient. If not, you need to expand first, then shrink.

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Even if it’s broken, it can still shrink. When you execute store, the regions on it will gradually decrease. Other TiKV nodes will replenish the replicas.
If there is still a leader on it, then your cluster has a problem.