TiKV Exception

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Original topic: tikv Exception

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Production Environment / Testing / PCO
【TiDB Version】v6.2.0
【Encountered Problem】When debugging and attaching to the TiKV process, it always enters

pub unsafe fn trace(mut cb: &mut dyn FnMut(&super::Frame) -> bool)

【Reproduction Path】Operations performed that led to the problem
【Problem Phenomenon and Impact】


Please provide the version information of each component, such as cdc/tikv, which can be obtained by executing cdc version/tikv-server --version.

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What is the structure of your environment deployment?
Under what circumstances does this error message appear? Let’s take a look at the relevant logs.

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The simplest 1+1+1+1 mode, debugging TiKV using the vscode ticode explorer plugin with LLDB.

No logs, after running for a while, one thread enters trace, and after next, another thread follows.

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Please talk and comment it here → https://internals.tidb.io/

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