TiKV IOPS Testing

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The official disk IOPS test command is as follows, bs=32k

./fio -ioengine=psync -bs=32k -fdatasync=1 -thread -rw=randrw -percentage_random=100,0 -size=10G -filename=fio_randread_write_test.txt -name=‘fio mixed randread and sequential write test’ -iodepth=4 -runtime=60 -numjobs=4 -group_reporting --output-format=json --output=fio_randread_write_test.json

I would like to ask, when TiKV writes data logs and data, is it written in 32k pages like this? Does TiKV use the psync method for writing?
The purpose of understanding this is to better conduct IOPS testing.
Thank you

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Yes, this is the closest way to write data to TiKV.

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