TiKV Startup Failure

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Original topic: tikv 启动失败

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tidb 6.1.0
In the development and testing environment, after a power outage in the cluster, one machine’s file system was damaged. After using fsck to repair it, 8 SST files and one log file under tikv/db were deleted. After the repair was completed, starting tikv failed, and all three nodes reported similar errors as shown in the picture.

Could you please advise on the repair approach?

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Theoretically, even if one node is down, the cluster can still function. It is recommended to rebuild this node using the scaling method.

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All three nodes failed to start. I tried starting only the TiKV node without file system errors.

The information in the image is reported on another node.

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Hello, the data seems to be corrupted, please perform a lossy recovery. If all three replicas are lost, it will result in data loss.
For recovery methods, refer to: Online Unsafe Recovery Documentation

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