【TiKV x Curve】12.20 Live Stream | Practical Implementation of Building Open Source Distributed Storage Based on Raft

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Original topic: 【TiKV x Curve】12.20 直播 | 基于 Raft 构建开源分布式存储的实践

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This live broadcast is jointly organized by the TiDB community and the Curve community, focusing on the practice of building open-source distributed storage with Raft. Welcome everyone to watch on the PingCAP video channel on December 20th!

Talk 1: Implementing a Physically Consistent Cloud-Native Storage Engine through Raft
Speaker: Zhou Yuxing | Senior Technical Expert at PingCAP

Talk 2: Engineering Practices of Raft in Curve Storage
Speaker: Chen Wei | Senior Backend Developer at NetEase

Let’s talk about Raft on December 20th!

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Looking forward to it!!!

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Looking forward to it, looking forward to it.