Tinykv2b shutdown is stuck

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Original topic: tinykv2b shutdown被卡住

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When running 2b, n.system.shutDown() is called in raftstore/node.go

After closeCh is closed, select should be able to go through this path

However, the actual situation is that it gets stuck in an infinite loop

I hope the experts can provide some guidance.

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I encountered something similar before. Check the callback handling process, and discard any unused callbacks. There’s no need to respond. I got stuck before because I responded to an error.

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I replied in the group, updating here:

The situation when I encountered this problem myself was: the region information was not updated or updated incorrectly during confchange.

First, write a minimal reproducible TestCase, then debug it slowly.
I did:
remove 2
add 2
remove 2
then sleep for 10 seconds
and it can be reproduced.

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