Tispark-assembly-3.1_2.12-3.0.2.jar, unable to display information using Hive JDBC connection

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Original topic: tispark-assembly-3.1_2.12-3.0.2.jar ,使用hive jdbc连接无法显示信息

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Environment Information:
spark-3.1.2 tispark-assembly-3.1_2.12-3.0.2.jar tidb5.4

Issue: After starting the thrift service of Spark and connecting to the TiDB cluster through Hive’s JDBC, the command show databases cannot display the database names and other information of the TiDB cluster. However, tispark-assembly-2.5.0 works fine. Is it because the new version of the tispark jar package is not compatible with Hive JDBC?

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Spark 3.+ needs to switch catalog.

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You need to add an additional catalog setting in the $SPARK_HOME/conf/spark-defaults.conf file to specify the PD address. An example is as follows:

# For TiSpark version >= 2.5.0, please add the following additional configuration to enable Catalog provided by spark-3.0.
spark.sql.catalog.tidb_catalog org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.catalog.TiCatalog
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Have you chosen the catalog?

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This has been added and repeatedly confirmed.

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This is possible.