To upgrade your TiDB cluster from version 7.5.1 to 8.1 using TiUP

upgrade of your TiDB cluster from version 7.5.1 to 8.1 using TiUP.

To upgrade your TiDB cluster from version 7.5.1 to 8.1 using TiUP, you need to follow a series of pre-upgrade preparations and post-upgrade tasks to ensure a smooth and successful upgrade process. Here are the detailed steps and considerations:

Pre-Upgrade Preparation

  1. Check TiUP and TiUP Cluster Versions:
    Ensure that both TiUP and TiUP Cluster versions are up-to-date and not lower than 1.11.3.

    tiup update --self
    tiup update cluster
  2. Backup Current Cluster:
    Always back up your current cluster before performing an upgrade to prevent data loss in case of any issues.

  3. Check Cluster Health:
    Verify the health of your current cluster to ensure there are no ongoing issues.

    tiup cluster check <cluster-name> --cluster
  4. Edit Configuration (Optional):
    If you need to retain old configuration parameters or adjust new ones introduced in version 8.1, edit the TiUP Cluster topology configuration file.

    tiup cluster edit-config <cluster-name>
  5. Check DDL and Backup Tasks:
    Ensure there are no ongoing DDL operations or backup/restore tasks.

  6. Fix System Configuration Issues:
    Address any system configuration issues that might affect the upgrade process.

    tiup cluster check <cluster-name> --cluster --apply

Upgrade Process

  1. Perform the Upgrade:
    Use the TiUP command to upgrade the cluster to the specified version.

    tiup cluster upgrade <cluster-name> 8.1.0
  2. Monitor the Upgrade Progress:
    Keep an eye on the upgrade logs to ensure that the process completes successfully without any interruptions.

Post-Upgrade Tasks

  1. Verify Cluster Status:
    After the upgrade, check the status of the cluster to ensure all components are running correctly.

    tiup cluster display <cluster-name>
  2. Check for Errors:
    Review the logs and audit records to identify any errors or issues that occurred during the upgrade.

    tiup cluster audit
  3. Update Tools and Components:
    Ensure that all related tools and components, such as pd-ctl, are updated to the latest versions.

    tiup install ctl:8.1.0
  4. Perform Health Checks:
    Conduct a thorough health check of the cluster to confirm that it is functioning as expected.

    tiup cluster check <cluster-name> --cluster
  5. Test Cluster Functionality:
    Run tests to verify that the cluster’s functionality and performance meet your requirements.

Best Practices

  • Read the Upgrade Guide:
    Before starting the upgrade, read the official upgrade guide for any specific instructions or considerations.
    Upgrade TiDB Using TiUP

  • Perform Upgrades During Maintenance Windows:
    Schedule the upgrade during a maintenance window to minimize the impact on your production environment.

  • Prepare for Rollback:
    Have a rollback plan in place in case the upgrade does not go as planned.

By following these steps and best practices, you can ensure a smooth and successful upgrade of your TiDB cluster from version 7.5.1 to 8.1 using TiUP.

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I don’t think we have some ways to switch back if you are using TiUP to upgrade the TiDB cluster. However, you can use this way to upgrade and have a way to change back like:

  1. Create a new cluster with 8.1 version
  2. Use BR to resume the data in the new cluster
  3. Establish a TiCDC from 7.5.1 cluster to 8.1 version cluster
  4. Shift to the new cluster, and if you encounter any error, you can change back to the old cluster.