Today, TiDB discovered that the auto-increment primary key of a table suddenly jumped from 718 to 3001, and then this error was found

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Original topic: tidb今天发现一个表的自增主键从718突变到3001开始,然后发现了这个错误

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[TiDB Version] 6.1.1
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(8028, ‘Information schema is changed during the execution of the statement (for example, table definition may be updated by other DDL ran in parallel). If you see this error often, try increasing tidb_max_delta_schema_count. [try again later]’)
(8027, ‘Information schema is out of date: schema failed to update in 1 lease, please make sure TiDB can connect to TiKV’)
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What is the complete error message?

What actions led to it?

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How to view the complete error message, this is returned by python’s pymysql.

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This prompt seems to indicate that the network connection between TiDB and TiKV was interrupted for a moment.

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Check if your TiDB can connect to TiKV.

The table definition might be updated by other DDL operations running in parallel. Try: tidb_max_delta_schema_count.

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  1. Clearly describe the context, and include some code if necessary;
  2. Check the TiDB status and review the relevant logs to see if there are any abnormal errors;
  3. Retry to see if the issue still exists. Is it occasional or frequent?
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Following up, does the change in the auto-increment primary key value frequently modify the table definition? Even if it does, it should be periodic rather than modifying it every time a value is added. Is this table highly dynamic? Are there any other log outputs?