TPC-C Stress Test

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Original topic: TPC-C压力测试

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Production Environment / Testing / PoC
【TiDB Version】
【Reproduction Path】What operations were performed when the issue occurred
【Encountered Issues: Issue Phenomenon and Impact】
【Resource Configuration】
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Dear experts, I am looking into TiDB stress testing related content and I don’t understand the TPC-C test results. What do Takes(s), Count: 32, TPM: 4.2, Sum(ms), Avg(ms), 90th(ms), 99th(ms), 99.9th(ms) represent?

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takes: Time
tpm: Transactions per minute
count: Number of SQL executions
sum: Total SQL execution time
avg: Average SQL execution time
90, 99, 99.9: Percentile SQL execution time

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You can first conduct a sysbench test, specifically for single-table OLTP tests with tables that have fewer columns.

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TPC-C is mainly for OLTP business testing. For performance stress testing, you should use sysbench.