Troubleshooting TiDB Server

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Original topic: TiDB-server故障排查

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Where can I see the logs when TiDB-server encounters an OOM during operation, or which monitoring module in Prometheus can observe it? Is the OOM mostly caused by slow SQL?

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The TiDB-server experiencing OOM is mostly caused by slow SQL queries. To determine if it is an OOM issue, you can check here: TiDB OOM Troubleshooting | PingCAP Documentation Center

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You can just look at the TiDB logs.

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You can check TiDB logs and the system logs of the operating system.
For monitoring, you can look at the overview panel in Grafana.
Most OOM (Out of Memory) issues are caused by slow SQL queries.

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It is generally due to an inefficient SQL execution plan, lack of appropriate indexes, outdated statistics, or optimizer bugs.

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I mostly know about major things, mainly SQL-related stuff.

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Will TiKV also experience OOM (Out of Memory)?

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Search for “out of memory” on the dashboard or the machine where tidb-server is deployed.

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It is possible. If the capacity parameter is set correctly, TiKV will basically not encounter OOM situations.

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Check TiDB logs

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Memory is not too small, and it won’t be an issue if not deployed in a mixed environment.

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TiDB-server encountered OOM, which in most cases is caused by large SQL queries.

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