Unable to install dumpling

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Original topic: dumpling安装不上了

| username: TiDBer_eIQDQW2z

Yesterday it was still working, but today it isn’t.

The error is as follows:
Error: fetch /3466.dumpling.json from mirror(https://tiup-mirrors.pingcap.com) failed: url https://tiup-mirrors.pingcap.com/3466.dumpling.json: not found

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There may be instability issues with the official mirror source, which has happened before. Try multiple times, or check again later.

Alternatively, you can download the corresponding version of the offline package and install it offline.

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Isn’t it easier to just download the package directly?

| username: TiDBer_pkQ5q1l0 | Original post link

It’s possible that the official version was being released at that time.

| username: 孤君888 | Original post link

Just download it directly from GitHub.

| username: TiDBer_eIQDQW2z | Original post link

It seems that the downloads from GitHub are all source packages that need to be compiled by yourself, right?